Peter’s career in media and sales began after graduation from the University of Toronto with a degree in Economics in 1968.

It was early in his career, while at Xerox, that Peter gained a profound respect for the selling profession.  It was there that he learned the fundamentals of selling from the ‘best of the best’.  Those fundamentals continue to serve Peter well today.

The bulk of Peter’s career has been in media.  In 1975 he joined Maclean Hunter Publishing and in his 25 years with the company (which later became part of Rogers Media) Peter would serve as publisher of several of their B2B publications.

In his role of Director of Advertising Sales Support, Peter was responsible for developing and implementing a number of ‘maximum sales performance’ initiatives.  It was in these senior roles that Peter also developed his mentoring and coaching skills.

Since 2000, Peter has taught at the highly regarded School of Media Studies and Information Technology at Toronto’s Humber College.  In his ‘Professional Selling’ program, Peter prepares his students for a career in sales by applying his real world experience to the curriculum.  Peter is passionate about nurturing ambition.

Peter has continued to educate himself and adapt to the realities of the marketplace.  The skills and knowledge Peter has developed over his successful career in sales, management, media, coaching, mentoring and managing business relationships are now available to companies and individuals through his Speaking, Consulting and Training programs.