“I had the good fortune to work with Peter during his time with the Treasury Management Association of Canada and Canadian Treasurer Magazine. Peter was responsible for selling advertisements in the magazine. A difficult role; sourcing adverts in a small circulation, niche publication, that Peter handled well and with success.”
Robert Fisher – Commercial Photographer/Freelance Writer

“Peter is cheerful, enthusiastic, empathetic and wise. He makes a solid colleague. He even laughs at your jokes. Which, based on some I’ve told, was probably not easy for him. Bottom line: Peter makes those around him feel better. Then they do their best.”
Mike Hanson – Marketing Counsellor, JAZZFM Inc

“I reported directly to Peter early on in my career and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the workforce! Peter is a terrific mentor and he made an indelible impression, as a fair boss, and a true gentleman. Peter has great integrity and is the type of person we all want to be when we grow up. He never fails to impress with his abundant creativity, numerous capabilities and great attitude toward life. I’ll always look up to Peter and am proud to consider him a life-long friend. I have no doubt that Peter will continue to do well and wish him every success in his future!”
Catherine Kimoff – Advertising Sales Representative, Maclean Hunter Ltd.

During my time at Humber College, I was lucky enough to have Peter as a teacher. Peter encourages student participation and is always more than happy to answer any question we may have. He has taught me sales skills and provided me with an invaluable understanding of relationship management. Peter’s enthusiasm and positive attitude make his classes engaging, enjoyable and most importantly, beneficial to his students.”
Sam Gottfried – Student, Humber College

“Peter was a great professor. Engaging and challenging to the students. I credit Peter’s many ‘stampisms’ in helping me get my career started and making my first big sale.”
David Longo – Student, Humber College

“I had the privilege of being taught by Peter Stamp while at Humber College. Peter’s knowledge, enthusiasm and charisma made my learning experience unforgettable. The most unique aspect of Peter’s teaching methods is his incredible amount of energy. No matter the problem, Peter can turn a situation into something positive. Peter was a fantastic teacher and someone I admire with great respect.”
Andrew Demers – Student, Humber College